THE SCND GENESIS:Legends - Submitted by Subiya Cryolite - 23rd Dec 2010

Hello there, I've been developing a 2D turn-based fighting game called THE SCND GENESIS:Legends in Java. Its story is based on my Web-Comic. Its not out yet but development is proceeding smoothly.

The game uses Java2D and Volatile Image, no fancy JOGL, Slick, LWJGL here >_<. Buffered Image was crazily slow, so I use standard images. Initially I had lame performance, but that's because I was drawing and filling several arcs, rectangles and polygons *facepalm*. After replacing them with static Images, performance became great. It uses 75% of a Celeron M 1.4GHz in Windows Vista. On my Pentium E2180, I get 13 % CPU utilisation, and 124 MB RAM usage on average. Trust me, that's A LOT better than before.

The game already works on LAN. It has a lobby/matchmaking system that's fairly decent. The host machine acts as a server and the other as a client. Performance is great, no latency or anything. I've already created an online server and tested it numerously on local host, works good. But I haven't been able to do find any free online hosting (hey, I'm a student, and broke). Could you suggest some sites?

Source now available at SourceForge

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